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Corporate Social Responsibilities

Taking consideration of the elderlies, disabled, and the communities in which we operate.

The Eswatini National Provident Fund has a corporate social responsibility (CSR) programme which is governed by a policy that defines where, what, why and how it can plough back to the community. This policy is in line with section 33(4) of the King’s Order in Council No.23 of 1974, which is the principal legislation governing the Fund.

Section 33(4) reads, “The Board may, subject to the general or special directions of the Minister, authorize the expenditure of moneys in the reserve account for the promotion, establishment and support of any organization or scheme the objects of which consist of or include the maintenance of aged persons and the training, rehabilitation and maintenance of disabled persons.”

The legislation, thus, confines the Fund’s CSR programmes to the training and rehabilitation of the disabled and old aged citizens of Eswatini. Whilst every attempt is made to improve the lives of our citizenry through CSR, guidelines and controls have been put in place to ensure continuity, sustainability, effectiveness, and proper monitoring of the programme.

The Fund has provided massive support under this programme including the construction of houses for the elderly and payment of tuition fees for those with disabilities while partnering with other social institutions as well as NGOs in the execution of the activities.

We have just successfully completed a strategic redesign of the CSR programme leading to the development of social programmes that respond to specifically identified needs to result in a sustainable difference in the lives of the beneficiaries and the impacted communities, respectively.

Sindi Mango - CSR Committee Chairperson

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