Eswatini National  Provident Fund

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Eswatini National Provident Fund

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The Eswatini National Provident Fund was established in 1974 as a retirement savings scheme, the main purpose of which is to provide benefit for employed persons when they retire from regular employment in old age or in the event of becoming incapacitated.

All employers of labour in Eswatini are required by law to become contributing members of the Fund and must pay a contribution for every eligible staff member. The employee’s share (one half of the stipulated amount) is deducted from wages.

ENPF is a retirement benefit savings scheme that was established in 1974 by King Sobhuza II. Our core business, which is governed by the Kings Order and Council No. 23 of 1974 is to manage and administer retirement benefits for all employed Eswatini nationals. Our job is to give members peace of mind about their financial security after retirement. We do this by making sure that all funds in our safekeeping are responsibly invested and accounted for, and that benefits are paid out efficiently, accurately and on time.

We have a solid track record in protecting our members against inflation and in safeguarding the value of active members’ retirement savings. Every November, ENPF pays members an interest rate that largely compensates our members for inflation.


A world-class social security fund that positively contributes to the livelihoods of our members and to the economy of Eswatini.


We are a trusted social security partner that cares about Eswatini’s socio economic development through increasing compliance, investment growth, creating a culture of service excellence, retaining a team of motivated and committed staff.


EXCELLENCE: We consistently work to exceed our set standards.

INTEGRITY: We adhere to established policies, procedures (and) practices and ethics.

RELATIONSHIPS : We speak openly and feel safe to interact freely, we work together to find solutions.

ACCOUNTABILITY: We deliver on our promises, we do what we say we will do, answer to our actions, and address every request until resolved.

INNOVATION: We invite and bring ideas and creative thoughts and continuously seek to adopt new ways of doing things.

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